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Company profile

Our company's facilities consists of 2,000 sq.m. privately owned facility since 2003. All the departments that make up the two brands [Monte Noulikas & Noulikas Urban] are co-located in the same facilities so that through direct and harmonious cooperation they can offer immediate solutions to the needs of our customers, always guided by the 3 basic statutory principles:

1. providing high value-added services to our customers in combination with one

2. safe working environment for our employees and

3. sustainable environmental development.


Our company Son's N. Noulikas GP was founded in 1990. All these years of its presence in the Greek market has recorded a successful and upward trend in its area of activity, as it shows special care and seriousness in the selection, design and execution of all projects undertaken. 

The goal of the company is to expand the scope of action and the continuous improvement of its services with the continious education and training of its staff, with the modernization and enrichment of its electromechanical equipment, with the constructive cooperation with leading international companies and the continuous monitoring. international technological developments in its field.


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Nikos Noulikas, having a successful course in various business sectors, founded the company N. Noulika’s Sons GP with the main object of installing ski lifts and in general, supplying and installing ski resort equipment.


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The company is charting an excellent development course by implementing large projects throughout Greece. The company’s portfolio is enriched to provide a complete package of services to our customers. The suppliers that are selected are always the best of their field from all over the world.


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We launch our new state-of-the-art privately owned facilities, covering more than 2.000 sq.m. which houses all sections of the company, meaning all parts of our company [sales, technical support, spare parts department and the department of studies] to respond directly and effectively to the evolving requirements of our customers.


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Since our main goal is the satisfaction of our customers and the provision of a high level of services, both before and after the sale, the company constantly hires and trains new scientific and technical staff. At the same time, we are transferring to new, larger, facilities to meet the growing needs of our business’ activities.


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The reins of the business are transferred to the new generation of entrepreneurs. Giorgos and Alexandros Noulikas take over the administration and financial management of the company.


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N. Noulika’s Sons GP is dynamically entering the Facility Management field. The company utilizing the many years of experience of its executives undertakes the operation, administrative support and maintenance of ski resorts. Among these are the ski resorts of Parnassos, Voras, 3-5 Pigadia and Seli.


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We created a new brand, Noulikas Urban, which offers solutions to the needs of summer and winter road maintenance, green maintenance, cleaning services as well as the needs of civil protection departments. We choose and offer the Greek market the most contemporary and innovative solutions.

Training of the staff

Customized for begginers and experienced operators  

Your challenges are our passion. Take advantage of our many years of experience and invest in your operators to improve the quality od their services. WIth targeted training methods in both theory and practice, we pass our knowledge to your operators during specialised seminars. The training is fully tailored to your priorities regardless of the vehicle or machine and takes place on your facilities, with your own machines and vehicles.  

Educational team
Our training team has many years of experience in all the machines we supply and consists mostly of experienced technicians who are responsible for the repair and maintenance of the machines and thus can offer a wider range of knowlodge to your operators. 

Training of the staff


Our company has three basic statutory principles: The provision of high value-added services to our customers in combination with the safeworking environment for our employees and sustainable environmental development. 

Having these principles as a guide, we apply the respective quality systems according to the international standards ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018.

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